Maisema Espoon kaupunginosan Karhusuon alueelta.

Debts and credit data

We check the credit rating of all apartment applicants who are of age from the credit rating register of Suomen Asiakastieto Oy before making a housing offer. If you have rent arrears or non-payment records, please read this page before submitting the housing application.

We do not offer housing to applicants with, for example, outstanding rental or other housing-related debts. If you have settled your previous rental debts, please provide us with a statement on debts paid from the landlord or collection agency. Non-payment records due to minor or non-recurrent reasons do not prevent you from getting housing.

Alternatively, the applicant may provide a payment plan for the rental debt made with a reliable party and receipts of instalments paid during the previous three months. Reliable parties include, for example, the Legal Aid Office’s financial and debt counselling unit or the enforcement authorities. However, payment agreements are always processed case-specifically. Also, please note that you must not have any rental debt with Espoon Asunnot.