Espoon Asuntojen työntekijöitä tietokoneen äärellä.

Tenant selection

We provide ARA housing, meaning that their construction has been subsidised by the state. We try to offer housing to those who need it the most. Therefore, we consider a number of different things when selecting tenants.
  • We do not have a queue system. Instead, the residents are selected based on a need assessment. The selection will be based on, for example, the need for housing, wealth and income. Please remember that the number of applicants is many times higher than the number of vacant dwellings. Therefore, we cannot guarantee a housing offer to new applicants or those looking to move to another apartment.
  • If your wealth does not exceed the given limits, your application will be considered in the selection of ARA rental housing tenants. If your wealth exceeds the limits, we will apply your application to our non-subsidised sites that have no restrictions as regards the tenant selection.
  • We will check your information in the population register. The address information on your application and the population register must be the same. Please be sure to submit a new application if your address information changes.
  • We will check your credit history. We do not offer housing to applicants with, for example, outstanding rental or other housing-related debts.  

We are unable to offer rental housing to all applicants

The situation regarding rental housing in the capital region is extremely challenging. We constantly have nearly 6000 applicants. In 2022, we received over 30,000 applications. We release about 2000 rental apartments annually. Due to the small number of available apartments and the large number of applicants, we cannot provide apartments to all applicants. For this reason, we encourage applicants to apply for apartments from as many rental housing providers as possible.

You can find contact information for other landlords, for example, on the City of Espoo's website.

Please note that a call to our customer service will not help you in getting any housing offers quicker. We cannot provide any interim information as regards the applications. We serve all our customers equally and also take into account applicants who are unable to contact us when making the tenant selections.