Kuvassa kaksi kissaa istuu keittiötason päällä.

Pets are welcome!

Cats, dogs, rabbits and other pets are like family and they can live in our flats. Pets bring a lot of joy but also responsibility.

Pet owner

Pets can improve the health and happiness of their owners. It can also be easier to get to know your neighbours when you go out with a dog or cat. However, there are things pet owners need to take care of. The owner is always responsible for the pet and the things the pet does.

According to the law (Public Order Act), dogs must be kept on a leash in areas where people live, including the courtyard of the building. Dog owners must make sure that their dogs cannot go to children’s playgrounds or sandboxes, not even when they are on a leash. According to the law, pet owners need to clean up their dogs’ droppings 

Pets cannot be walked in the courtyard. Dogs can be taken to dog parks where they can run. A list of dog parks, dog enclosures and dog swimming spots is available on the website of the City of Espoo.

According to the law, cat owners must make sure that their cats cannot go to children’s playgrounds or sandboxes. Cats should not go outside alone. This is to make sure that the cat does not run away, get hit by a car or end up in some other dangerous situation.

Please remember that pets are not allowed in the sauna facilities, laundry room and drying room, because your building can have people who are allergic to animals.

How to sort the droppings of your pet

Dog and cat poop should be placed in a bag. You should then close the bag and put it in mixed waste. If your pet uses wood-based bulking material (woodchips or pellets), the material should be put in biowaste. Remember to clean your cat’s litter box often so that it does not start to smell. Make sure that cat litter does not end up in the flat's drains or toilet. Cat litter can block the drain, and you may have to pay for the opening of the drain. 

When your neighbour has a pet

Sometimes, a barking dog can annoy neighbours. If you live in a block of flats, you need to tolerate normal sounds of living. These include barking dogs, if the barking does not last very long. 

If the dog barks or howls all the time, you should talk about it with the dog’s owner. The owner might not even know that the dog is making noise. If talking about this seems difficult, you can also send the owner a polite letter. Often, these things can be solved. If the barking is long-term or the owner does not react to your message, you can report the problem to the property manager.