Moving to your new home

After signing the tenancy agreement, you probably have a lot of questions in your mind, like when can I move in or how to book the sauna or parking space for your car?

We have gathered  a Checklist for Moving about the things that are good to know when moving in.

Checklist for moving

It is easy to forget important things with all the excitement of moving. Therefore, we have put together a handy checklist for you.


The rent for a parking space depends on whether the space has a heating pole or not or if it is in a parking garage. The rent for the parking space is paid in connection with the rent for the home.


If your building has a shared sauna, you can make a sauna booking at the maintenance company. The common sauna time (“lenkkisauna”) is intended for everyone to use.

Storage facilities

Most buildings have common storage facilities for the residents’ sports and outdoor equipment, as well as lockable storage spaces for the residents’ own belongings.