Kuvassa kolme tyttöä pelaa palloa pihalla.


At best, the building’s common yard area is a meeting place for residents, where they can spend time together.

Yard improvements

If your green fingers are ready for work in the common yard, please contact the residents’ committee. Ideas for the improvement of common areas are always handled by the residents’ committee, which can take them forward to the property manager. If residents want to plant flowers or purchase planting boxes in the yard, the residents’ committee must agree on the matter with the property manager.

Community efforts

In many of our properties, the residents’ committee organises community efforts for residents to clean up the yard areas.

Flying the flag

We fly the flag at our properties on official flag days as well as on flag days established in the calendar. The maintenance company is responsible for flying the flag at our properties.

If a resident has a death in the family and wants to fly the flag at half-mast, the matter will be agreed with the maintenance company. Flying the flag at half-mast on the day of death and funeral is free of charge to our residents.

Rules for a comfortable and safe yard

Let’s keep the yard areas cosy, tidy and safe together.

Yards are common areas, so please collect your belongings from the yard after using them and do not store them there. The same applies to children’s toys. The play area is for children – please do not take your pet there.

Washing cars

Washing cars is not allowed in our yards.


Many of our blocks of flats have a barbecue shelter that can be used by all residents. Some of the properties have a grill that can be borrowed from the residents’ committee.

Remember to take care of fire safety! And please remember to give your neighbours a night’s rest from 22:00 to 7:00 when barbecuing, even on light summer nights.

The use of gas grills is allowed in the yards of our rowhouses, as long as it doesn't disturb the neighbors. For fire safety reasons, the grill should be placed at least four meters away from the building's wall.

The use of electric grills is allowed in the yards and even balconies of apartments. However, they must be positioned at a sufficient distance from walls and windows for safety purposes. It is also the responsibility of the grill user to ensure that the resulting smoke or odors from grilling do not enter the property's ventilation system.

Swimming and wading pools

Swimming pools and larger wading pools are not allowed in the apartment yards. However, small wading pool is allowed for keeping children or pets cool in the apartment yard. The wading pool can be maximum 200 cm in diameter and 40 cm in depth.

The setter of the wading pool is responsible for ensuring that the pool poses no danger to anyone.  


Fireworks must not pose a risk to people, buildings, vehicles or other property, so please do not light fireworks in the yard area or near buildings.

Walking pets

Keeping dogs, cats and other pets free is prohibited. So please keep your pet on a leash. Pets are not allowed at all for example on children’s playgrounds, public beaches or fitness trails.

Please walk your pet outside the yard area and collect your pet’s droppings. Dog and cat poop should be put in a bag sealed and thrown in mixed waste. Droppings in children's playgrounds and sandboxes, for example, poses a health risk. Also, taking pet out for a pee should also happen outside the yard area.  

A pet walking alone free without an owner can be caught. Pets that are caught must be delivered to their owner or to the pet shelter

Wild animals

Feeding birds and other wild animals is not allowed in the yard area. The food will attract not only other animals, but also rats. In addition, the droppings of birds and other animals cause a mess and can pose a disease risk. For the same reason, please do not build nests or dens for hedgehogs or other wild animals in the yard.


Smoking is prohibited in all common areas. In properties completed or renovated after 2009, smoking is only allowed in separately marked areas. The smoking ban also applies to water pipes, herbal cigarettes and e-cigarettes (according to the Tobacco Act 549/2016).