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Resident administration

At Espoon Asunnot, resident administration involves two members of the Board of Directors elected by the residents, a cooperation council, building-specific residents’ committees and regional meetings according to the regional division of property management. The contact person for resident activities is employed by the company and coordinates the activities and the training courses for resident activities.

Residents’ meeting 

The residents’ meeting is the highest decision-making body of the resident activities of the property. The residents' meeting is held at least once a year, and it is open to all residents of the property. The residents’ committee for the property is elected in the residents’ meeting.

Residents’ committee 

The residents’ committee has 3–9 members. It can propose necessary purchases and decide on property-specific specifications to the rules for using the parking spaces, club rooms, laundry rooms and saunas. The goal is for the residents’ committee to create a sense of community in the building. The committee may organise community efforts, celebrations and various events within the limits of the money granted to it.

Cooperation council 

The cooperation council is a meeting place for Espoon Asunnot and selected resident members of the Board of Directors. The cooperation council discusses topical common issues and issues relevant for the residents. Based on the discussions held, Espoon Asunnot prepares policies and instructions for matters under the power of the cooperation council. These include things such as procurements, the principles of repairs and finances as well as the general rules.

Regional meetings and feedback evenings 

Regional meetings are held at least four times a year and each region has its own meetings. The meetings are attended by the building’s chairpersons and resident representatives, invited by the property manager. In the meetings, common topical issues are discussed and experiences are exchanged. In addition, we organise service provider-specific feedback evenings where the quality and development of purchased services are discussed.

Training courses and residents’ events as part of resident activities 

We offer our residents training for performing the tasks related to resident activities. We organise events for people participating in resident activities and we produce instructions, models and tips to support the activities. In addition, we organise residents’ events, which are open to all residents.