Common areas

Each of us can contribute to the comfort of the building’s common areas. Please leave the common areas in such a condition that it is also pleasant for other residents to use them.

If you find burned-out lamps or other repair needs in common areas, please submit a defect notice to your maintenance company. When you leave a lockable room, please ensure that the door is locked and the windows are closed. Please note that smoking is prohibited in common areas. Please consider that people with allergies may live in the building. Therefore, do not bring pets to the sauna facilities, laundry or drying room.

Waste collection point

Sorting and recycling of waste is in everyone’s best interest. By sorting your waste properly, you invest in a sustainable future. Once sorted, the waste can be reused.

Club room

In the club rooms, it is possible to organise joint activities for the residents, such as children’s parties, book clubs, Christmas parties or bazaars.

Laundry room

The laundry room is available for use in the daytime and can be used free of charge.


At best, the building’s common yard area is a meeting place for residents, where they can spend time together.

Stairway and lift

It is important not to store bicycles, prams or other items in stairways. They pose a fire safety risk and may block the access route.


The rent for a parking space depends on whether the space has a heating pole or not or if it is in a parking garage. The rent for the parking space is paid in connection with the rent for the home.


If your building has a shared sauna, you can make a sauna booking at the maintenance company. The common sauna time (“lenkkisauna”) is intended for everyone to use.

Storage facilities

Most buildings have common storage facilities for the residents’ sports and outdoor equipment, as well as lockable storage spaces for the residents’ own belongings.

Customer service contact information

Can’t find the information you are looking for? Our customer service will be happy to answer your questions. 

Contact information for maintenance companies

Always report a defect to your property's maintenance company.