Kuvassa saunanlauteet, joiden päällä kaksi pyyhettä ja löylysaavi


If your building has a shared sauna, you can make a sauna booking at the maintenance company. The common sauna time (“lenkkisauna”) is intended for everyone to use.

The sauna is usually booked for one hour at a time. The fee for a weekly sauna turn is €15 per month. For energy-saving reasons, the sauna can only be used if at least three consecutive bookings are made for the same day.

The common sauna time (“lenkkisauna”) is intended for everyone to use. Check your building’s common sauna times on the dressing room door or on the notice board.

We have compiled sauna instructions that ensure you and other users of the sauna have a pleasant experience and extend the service life of the sauna. Thank you for following the instructions!

Sauna etiquette 

  • Please always shower before entering the sauna.
  • Always use a personal seat cover, preferably also on the lowest bench.
  • The benches, walls and ceiling must not be wetted. Wetting causes premature decay of the panels.Keeping the sauna dry is also important from the point of view of hygiene.
  • If you want to throw water on the sauna stove, please use warm water.
  • Fragrances and similar products must not be used as they may cause allergic reactions to other users of the sauna. Please also avoid using strong perfumes in the dressing room.
  • Never put any extra items or food on top of the sauna stove.
  • Drinking beverages is allowed, but taking glass bottles to the sauna facilities is forbidden. Empty bottles and cans must be recycled properly. 
  • The use of birch twigs is not desirable as they litter the sauna.
  • Hair dyeing is forbidden in the sauna facilities.
  • Pets are not allowed in the sauna facilities.
  • Clothes and carpets must not be washed in the sauna facilities.
  • Please rinse the floor of the washroom with a shower and wash the washbowls after use.
  • Please collect all rubbish before you leave and do not leave any smelly rubbish in the bin.
  • Ensure that the water taps are closed and the lights are off when you leave.
  • Ensure that the sauna door is closed when you leave.
  • Please leave the sauna in the condition you would like to find it when you arrive.

Enjoy the sauna!