Kuvassa kädet, jotka pitävät sydämenmuotoista puun lehteä käsissään.

Vision and values

Our vision and values are the foundation of everything we do. Our vision supports our strategic objectives, and our values express what is important to us in our operations.

Smooth and affordable living responsibly

The vision tells us and our stakeholders what we aim for in the long term. It is thus a description of the future towards which we direct our daily operations and strategic decisions.


Our operations are smooth and efficient. For customers, this is seen as functioning services and internally as a cooperative work community, which leads not only to an excellent customer and employee experience but also to cost-effectiveness.



We offer housing at a price lower than the market price – this is especially significant in the metropolitan area.


We focus on offering affordable rental apartments and improving the quality of living and living comfort.


Responsibility is at the core of our operations and extends from the well-being of residents and staff to new construction, property maintenance, and repairs.

Values are the cornerstone of our actions

Desire to Serve

We want to offer our customers a good service experience. This means that we ask questions, listen to and understand the customer and take into account the customer perspective in all our decisions.

The joy of success

 We succeed when we work together. We take action and get things done. We work in a goal- and solution-oriented manner and show our appreciation by giving feedback to each other. We are tolerant of mistakes and learn from them.

Sustainable actions

For us, responsibility is a matter for every employee. It applies both for construction, regional development and the environment as well as for residents, personnel and partners. Even small actions and decisions make an impact.