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Wealth limits

Wealth limits are applied in the tenant selection for state-subsidised housing. Apartments can be rented to applicants whose wealth remains below the limits. The wealth considered consists of the combined wealth of all persons moving to the apartment.

Wealth includes, for example, owner-occupied dwellings, detached houses, cottages, plots of land and securities. In connection with the housing offer, we ask for a reliable estimate on the market value of your assets and a statement of your loans. You can ask for an estimate of the sales price of a property from, for example, a real estate agent.

In case of a person moving to Espoo for work, an owner-occupied dwelling located in another municipality may be excluded from the wealth assessment based on a long distance or poor transport connections between the dwelling and the workplace.

Wealth limits applied in Espoo according to the number of persons living in the applicant’s household:

1 person2 persons3 persons4 persons5 persons
75 000 €94 000 €125 000 €135 000 €145 000 €

If there are more than five people in the applicant’s household, the wealth limit is raised by €10,000 per person.

If your wealth exceeds the limits, we will apply your application to our non-subsidised sites that have no restrictions as regards the tenant selection. Please note, however, that there are fewer such sites than there are reasonably priced ARA rental apartments.