At home

We hope you are happy in your home. We want to do everything we can to make you feel comfortable. The entire staff of Espoon Asunnot and our professional partners are at your service.


The rent is paid on the 4th day of each month, or on the following working day if the due date falls on a weekend.

Cosy home

We want to do everything we can to make you feel comfortable. To support good living, we have collected some tips and instructions.

Common areas

Each of us can contribute to the comfort of the building’s common areas.

Harmonious housing

Life is nice when everyone respects their neighbours and follows the house rules.

Resident community

Every resident of Espoon Asunnot has the opportunity to participate in common events and influence the comfort of living.

When moving out

We hope you enjoyed your time with us. We have compiled helpful instructions for moving out and cleaning the home.

Safety at home

Prevention is everything in home safety. Please ensure your home is safe – we have compiled instructions to support it.

Contact information for maintenance companies

Always report a defect to your property's maintenance company.

Kulmilla magazine

Kulmilla is a magazine that offers plenty of interesting reading related to housing.

Guide to Good Living

This guide is designed to help you take care of your home. It includes useful tips for home maintenance and answers to any concerns you may have.