When moving out

We hope you enjoyed your time with us. We have compiled helpful instructions for moving out and cleaning the home.

Terminating the tenancy agreement

The period of notice for termination of the tenancy agreement is one month. When you terminate your tenancy agreement, it will end in no less than one month.

Moving-out inspection

After the tenant has terminated the tenancy agreement, the Espoon Asunnot inspector visits the home to check its condition. 

Return of the security deposit

If you paid a security deposit when signing the tenancy agreement, it will be returned to your account within one month of the end of the tenancy. This requires that all payments have been made and that the home is in good condition and cleaned.

Instructions for those moving out

We have compiled instructions for those moving out. Please be sure to return your keys and parking permits, clean and empty the home and submit a notification of change of address.