Housing company broadband and cable TV

Your rent includes a broadband connection; please contact Elisa to get access to it. When opening the connection, ensure technical specifications from an Elisa Shop or Elisa’s website or customer service. You can register as a new broadband user

  • electronically, in which case you need online banking credentials
  • at an Elisa Shop where a salesperson completes the registration and answers any questions related to the connection
  • by calling Elisa’s customer service.

You can use cable TV without any registration. All you need is a cable-ready TV set or cable set-top box. In case of any problems with the broadband or cable network, please contact Elisa’s customer service.

Checklist for moving

It is easy to forget important things with all the excitement of moving. Therefore, we have put together a handy checklist for you.

At home

After moving in, please familiarise yourself with the Home section of our website. There you will find important information about rental housing and much more.