kuvassa rakennustyömaa, jolla on iso nostokurki.

Construction and property development

We contribute to the development of the urbanising city by building homes for the needs of the growing population of Espoo.

As the owner, the City of Espoo defines our housing production targets. In 2020, the target was to start the construction of 400 homes, which was exceeded by 80homes. The same target was set for 2021.

Currently, the main trend in construction is dense block construction, which creates new residential areas and makes old regional centres denser. In this way, we are also promoting complementary construction, which serves the need for efficient and dense urban construction.

We want to improve the living environment under construction by participating in the planning of the area at an early stage. We work closely with the City of Espoo in land acquisition and urban planning.

In addition to new construction, we also invest in basic renovations and repairs. Sustainable maintenance of our property portfolio, energy efficiency and increasing the comfort of living are important for us.

We strive to use local actors in our projects so that as many Espoo residents as possible can benefit from our investments.

The acquisition requires us to work continuously to achieve our annual production targets.of land