Goal and values

Our goal and values are the foundation of everything we do. Our goal supports our strategic objectives, and our values express what is important to us in our operations.

Our goal is to be the best landlord in Espoo

This means that the price-quality ratio of our homes is the best on the market and we are a well-known and sought-after option for home seekers. The customer experience we produce is good, and we build, develop and maintain our properties professionally. We are a desired employer and act responsibly.

Values are the cornerstone of our actions

Values guide our internal and stakeholder relationships and help us find the best ways to achieve our objectives.

The desire to serve

We want to offer our customers a good service experience. This means that we ask questions, listen to and understand the customer and take into account the customer perspective in all our decisions. We also ensure that our partners are committed to our values. 

The joy of success

We succeed when we work together. We take action and get things done. We work in a goal- and solution-oriented manner and show our appreciation by giving feedback to each other. We are tolerant of mistakes and learn from them.

Sustainable actions

We are a reliable and respected partner and employer. We take care of our staff’s ability to work and cope, and our decision-making is long-term, consistent, open and transparent. We work to promote sustainable development by building and maintaining properties on the basis of life cycle sustainability.

Ethical principles

Ethical principles apply to everyone: the management, supervisors and employees.


Our task is to promote the well-being of our customers and the competitiveness of the City of Espoo.