Kuvassa kaksi naista osallistuu talkoisiin. Toisella on kottikärryt ja toisella harava.

Community efforts (talkoot)

In community efforts, everyone can influence the comfort of their living environment and get to know their neighbours.

The residents’ committee organises the community effort days and informs the residents and the property manager of them in good time. We will provide the chairpersons of the residents’ committees with an S-Business payment card of the S Group loaded with the property-specific appropriation for the purchase of refreshments for community efforts. In addition, in the spring and autumn, we send purchase commitments to the chairpersons and contact persons of the residents’ committees to purchase refreshments for the community efforts, as well as a form to request the maintenance company to deliver a skip and the necessary tools and implements.

Instructions for community efforts

  • Schedule the date well in advance at the residents’ committee.
  • Write a bulletin about the community effort, indicating the date and start time and what will be done, and mentioning the skip for waste disposal, if any.
  • At least two weeks in advance, also book the required tools and implements from the maintenance company.
  • When planning community efforts, please take into account that the budgeted money should be sufficient for two events per year.
  • Small snacks can be purchased for community efforts. At the end of the event, you can, for example, do some barbecuing and gather feedback from the participants about the success of the event. Please remember special diets.
  • At the end of the community effort, you can arrange various pleasant activities, such as the residents’ swap meet or traditional yard games for children.