Join resident activities

Resident activities involve diverse activities for the benefit of the living environment. Even small actions are important – they also inspire other residents to create a sense of community and thereby increase the comfort of living.

Resident activities are voluntary. There are no obligations or demands; everyone can be involved in the activities according to their own interest and resources.

Resident activities include a wide range of responsibilities: chairperson, vice-chairperson and secretary of the residents’ committee, property safety manager, shelter manager, environmental expert, contact person for property maintenance and cleaning, and minority group representative.

In resident activities, you can have an influence. If you are interested in a task and think it might be for you, feel free to volunteer.

Division of duties of the residents’ committee


The chairperson is responsible for convening meetings of the residents, chairing and convening meetings of the residents’ committee, monitoring tasks, communicating with the property manager and Espoon Asunnot, matters related to the property finances, such as the budget and monitoring reports, and participating in training and information events of Espoon Asunnot and meetings of the district council of the property district.

Deputy chairperson

The deputy chairperson is responsible for the duties of the chairperson if the chairperson is unable to see to the duties.


The secretary prepares the minutes and agendas of meetings together with the chairperson and sees to the proper storage of documents. The secretary delivers copies of all minutes of the residents’ committee to the property manager within two weeks of the meeting.

Safety manager

The safety manager is the safety expert of the building unit. The safety manager is not legally responsible for the safety of the building unit, but their duty is to complete the safety manager training. The safety manager must improve the safety of the building unit, inform residents about safety-related issues, indicate safety deficiencies and make related improvement proposals to the property manager. Usually one person is appointed from the building unit.

Shelter manager

The shelter manager completes the shelter manager training and acts in accordance with the instructions received in the training. The shelter manager ensures, among other things, that the civil defence shelter and its equipment are constantly in good condition and informs the property manager of shortcomings and improvement suggestions related to the civil defence shelter and its equipment. The role is statutory and usually one person is appointed from the building unit.

Environmental expert

The environmental expert is a partner and provider of information for the residents, the maintenance company and the persons in charge of maintenance at Espoon Asunnot. The expert acts as an information distributor, instructor and helper in saving water and energy, waste management, recycling and environmental matters for the residents of the building unit. Espoon Asunnot organises 1–3 training events for the experts each year. The environmental expert reports any observed consumption deviations to the maintenance company and/or the property manager, and with regard to waste management and recycling to HSY. Usually one person is appointed from the building unit.

Contact person for property maintenance and cleaning

The contact person for property maintenance and cleaning participates in the building unit’s property maintenance and cleaning monitoring and reports on the quality of property maintenance to the maintenance company and on the quality of cleaning to the cleaning company as well as to the cleaning manager of Espoon Asunnot.

Minority group representative

The minority group representative acts as a link between immigrants, residents of minority groups and the mainstream population. The representative seeks to engage immigrants in the events of the residents and resident activities and, if necessary, instructs them in obtaining housing-related information.

Other roles

Other roles may be assigned within the residents’ committee. Examples of such include community efforts, communications, club activities, excursion activities, etc. Usually one person is appointed from the building unit.


Community efforts

In community efforts, everyone can influence the comfort of their living environment and get to know their neighbours.

Safety experts in your building

Our properties have a shelter manager and a safety manager elected from among the residents.