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Resident administration

At Espoon Asunnot, resident administration consists of a resident ombudsman employed by the company, two elected representatives of residents on the board, the AHJO cooperation body, residents’ committees and district councils specific to each property district. The resident ombudsman coordinates the activities and the training of residents.

Espoon Asunnot offers training for most tasks in resident activities. The tasks and bodies are also specified in the Joint Management Rule, which sets out the rules on how to do things in the property and how to take matters forward.

Residents’ meeting

The highest decision-making body for resident activities is the meeting of the residents of the property, which takes place at least once a year and elects the residents’ committee. 

Residents’ committee

The residents’ committee has 3–9 members. It can make proposals for necessary purchases and decide on the use of parking spaces, club rooms, laundry rooms and saunas. The aim of the residents’ committee is to create a sense of community in the property. The committee may organise community efforts, celebrations and various events within the limits of the money available.

District council

The district council is a resident administration body specific to the property district. The district council consists of the chairpersons of the resident committees in the property district, who are elected at residents’ meetings.


AHJO is a forum for discussion and cooperation between the company’s management and residents. AHJO’s members are Espoon Asunnot’s management team and the chairpersons of the district council.