Rental activities

We are a local organisation with a diverse range of housing in different parts of Espoo. We have homes for both smaller and larger families and for both those who want to live in urban centres and those who enjoy closeness to nature.

We currently own nearly 16,000 homes, the majority of which are ARA-funded. Most of the homes, 71 per cent, are in blocks of flats or low-rise blocks of flats. 27 per cent of the homes are in terraced houses and balcony access blocks and a couple of per cent in semi-detached houses.

The demand for small homes is particularly high, so they have been the most common type of home in our new constructions in recent years. Almost half of our homes are two-room flats. One-room flats and large homes, i.e. 4–6-room flats, make up approximately 13 per cent of our housing stock.

The occupancy rate of our homes is high (98.4% in 2020), which indicates a good price-quality ratio. The turnover of residents has been low in recent years (12.7% in 2020).

Our most sought-after homes are one- and two-room flats located in urban centres, while detached houses and larger flats popular on the outskirts of the city are.

Do you want to be a resident at Espoon Asunnot?

The applicant’s need for housing, wealth and income will determine whether they are offered ARA-funded housing. Priority is given to those applicants who are most urgently in need of housing, with the most limited financial means and with the lowest income. In addition, we comply with wealth limits in our selections.

The general direction of resident selections is the responsibility of the Housing Finance and Development Centre of Finland (ARA), which gives municipalities instructions on the methods of monitoring. Some resident selection criteria are at the discretion of the municipality, and the methods of different municipalities may vary. Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa have agreed on common methods for monitoring resident selection.

In addition, we have some non-subsidised homes, the rental of which is unrestricted. However, the rent for non-subsidised housing is determined on the same principle as for ARA housing.

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We offer a diverse range of rental housing around Espoo, with new construction being built all the time.

How to apply for housing

To apply, fill in the electronic application form on our website. Remember to read first about what needs to be considered when applying.

Students, pensioners, families, singles, working people, unemployed people and people from different cultures meet at Espoon Asunnot.